Losing This Winter Weight

Hello Readers!

So sorry for my absence; I’ve really been working hard on creating dope content for my social media accounts that I’ve completely neglected my lil’ blog! When I first started this thing, I really wanted it to be a reflection of my own personal style and really give some fashion inspiration as Starcrush is only reflective of my glam side, except, I’ve kinda put on a few (ok, maybe like several) pounds.

Last year, I was on a very strict diet and  was miserable. The moment I started eating regularly, my thighs went ka-boom. I am in no way advocating starvation (please do eat!!!) but I am personally going about it all kinds of wrong. Firstly, I’m kinda lazy and I don’t really like working out. I am almost 30 and that is essential for my HEALTH. Also, I can eat, but I just have to do some adjusting on what I eat and how it’s prepared.

After a few customers shared with me they’re struggle with weight loss too, I begged my health coach, K. Paige, to please help myself as well as the other Starcrush Girls who are sleeping in harnesses and sipping fancy teas and seeing no results. Thus, the #StarcrushSlimDown was born! I worked very, very hard to make sure it’s free for the first 28 days! I promise, there are no gimmicks. If you are having difficulty like me just try it. You have nothing to lose; well, kinda. (See what I did there?)

Sign up for her free e-mails–they’re motivating, contain gym-free workouts, and meal plans. http://kpaige.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=1ba5dbd0e2ca199f3a594e4c7&id=d431181b13

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