Beauty Regime on Fleek

I have recently switched up my beauty regime and I’m thrilled with the results. Thus, I’m sharing some of my new favorite products and their amazing health benefits!

Coconut Oil: Let me start out by saying the benefits of CO are immeasurable; it’s fantastic used internally or externally and provides lots of healing properties for the body. I primarily use it to oil pull and for cooking. Another very popular use is in your hair as well, although I have yet to try it. Oil pulling is a fantastic way to naturally whiten your teeth, restore enamel, and remove bacteria from your mouth. As soon as you wake up, take a tablespoon of CO and swish it around your mouth for ten minutes. At first, it feels like forever, but I usually prepare my breakfast during my swish sesh to distract me from the time. When it’s time to purge the oil from your mouth, be sure to either spit it into a container that you can later throw away (not recommended–this stuff smells), the trash can, or outside. Oil and water aren’t mates and once the oil solidifies, it has the potential to clog your pipes. Within 3 to 4 days, you’ll begin to see results. I also cook with CO and swallow a teaspoon every now and then to keep my digestive track lubricated. 

Electric Toothbrush: I’m sure I’ve been living under a rock, but I have just discovered the incredible benefits of using an electric toothbrush! My teeth feel polished after every brushing and my smile is much brighter. One day I was chatting with a friend and asked him what he did to achieve such a white smile. In true male fashion, he said, “Nothing really, but I use an electric toothbrush.” After chatting with him about the difference in sensations between the two, the heavens opened up and there was one left on the shelf at Walgreens for $39.99. I was going to purchase the same model from Amazon but why wait for shipping when you can have it now?! The model I purchased is the HX. It’s an entry level e-toothbrush but it gets the job done. After reading reviews on Amazon, folks said more expensive models did the same job so that helped ease my fears (and my pockets)! I was really looking at the fancy schmancy $120 toothbrush and I’m SO glad I read the reviews.

African Sponge (Washcloth): I was chatting it up on twitter with a pal from Ghana about how I don’t feel clean unless I shower with a washcloth. She replied, “Really? I can’t shower without my African Sponge!” Of course, after she hyped me up about the feeling of it, I had to order one and see it for myself. Because there isn’t a huge market for African products here in SoFla, I hopped on Etsy (because Etsy kinda has everything) to find my African Sponge. I ordered my sponge from for $7 + shipping. It arrived about 2 days later. After my first shower, I am hooked. I don’t think I could bathe with anything else ever again! It exfoliates my skin leaving me silky smooth and I also read that it helps with blood circulation. It’s a tad rough when you first receive it, but it does soften slightly after use.

Lysine: This is a supplement you can purchase from your local drugstore for a few dollars. Adding one 1000mg supplement daily gives your skin the collagen it needs to provide skin a glow and youthfulness that I just love! I can especially tell around my eyes. Be sure to take it with food; it helps the body absorb the pill.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: My nails grow super fast which is great… but so do my cuticles. This product is about $5 and you can find it at your local drug store or Wal-Mart. Simply place the solution around the rim of your nail, wait 30 seconds, and push back your cuticles. You can double the use by using it as a calluce remover on the bottom of your feet and scrub with a pumice stone for an at-home pedicure quick fix!

Origins Products: I simply cannot wait to drop a few bands at my local Origins store. I swear by their beauty creams! My favorite products come from the Plantscription series. The eye and face moisturizer are a little pricey, but well worth it. Besides, the jars last about 3-4 months. I received amazing skin hydration so much to the point that my acne left my face. It’s a little out of my budget right now, but I did want to share with you all these great products regardless. Origins is also really great about providing you with free samples to see how different products react with your skin. I’ve also seen lots of people rave about the charcoal mask and I am DYING to try it for myself! 

Beauty Blender: Again, I’m sure I’ve been living under a rock to just add this to my regime, but I couldn’t stomach the $20 price point for a sponge. Finally after trying to blend my concealer with a brush and looking like an extra for Lion King Broadway, I let go and marched my tushie to my nearest Sephora. Everyone is commenting on how pretty I look and how natural my makeup looks so it’s a win for me. I could’ve opted for a less expensive dupe, but every makeup artist/aficianada preached about how the generic models don’t provide the same benefits as the actual Beauty Blender brand. I scoured Amazon for perhaps a price reduction but after reading reviews that the vendors were retailing knock-offs, I decided to purchase at a reputable store instead.


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