These past few weeks have been ZOOMING past! I have been busting my ass working on the new website and getting my personal life in order. The new website is so much more intuitive and much easier for shoppers, but it requires I input way more data per product! As much as I try and keep cool, it is subconsciously stressful and I have not even BEGUN planning the accompanying photoshoots!

I was on the Internet last night in the wee hours of the morning fantasizing about how I’m going to treat myself to the Lido restaurant once this all blows over. Of course, I receive a text message this morning from my dear friend, Krystal, inviting me to enjoy The Standard Hotel even sooner.

I grabbed my bathing suit, my purse, my sunnies and my camera!

DivaNamedDom at the Lido Restaurant, Miami Beach

What an incredible first spa experience! For anyone needing a moment of clarity, I highly recommend treating yourself to the spa. After a deep steam and Turkish bath, I emerged a new woman.

DivaNamedDom in a white hooded spa robe at Lido Spa in Miami Beach

This is the magical corridor leading to the Hamam. Imagine my excitement!

Entry to the Hamam at the Lido Spa @ The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach

Let me just say this–my experience at The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach was amazing. The staff is courteous, accommodating, and considerate. You’re handed a spa robe to enjoy for the duration of your stay. You’ll overhear conversations regarding vitamins, exercise, and intention. Every single detail is curated in a mod, fresh 1960s fashion. The place is visually over the top for me henceforth my obsession with mid-century modern decorum. Honestly, these photos don’t give the Meditation Patio enough credit. It was absolutely beautiful! I’m overlooking the Miami Beach Bay.

DivaNamedDom overlooking the Miami Bay from The Standard Hotel's Meditation Patio

The Standard Miami Beach Meditation PatioDivaNamedDom at the Lido Spa at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach

For more information, please visit:

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