Don’t Waste Your Own Damn Time in 2018

I know, I know… it’s “new year, new me,” time again and here we are avowing to get our shit together once and for all. This post is not about overhauling your life; rather, making small changes that collectively impact your life in a major way.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

I have an unfair advantage with this one. I have high anxiety which affords me high octane performance because I’ve developed efficient habits to combat my anxiety. Instead of stressing out about my lengthy to do list, I know exactly which hours of the day I’m most productive and I schedule my life accordingly (the night before). By doing so the night before, I am afforded peaceful sleep (and not anxious napping—there’s a difference) and I assure I wake up with enough time to handle everything on my list; some mornings are earlier than others depending on what needs to get done. I make important phone calls on the way to work. I spend my lunch break either reading a book or sprucing up my blog posts. If I’m going to get my nails done, usually there’s a lot of waiting and sitting still. I make sure my phone is fully charged so I can draft blog posts, edit photos, or listen to podcasts and tutorials. No minute of the day gets wasted.

Write it down.

Before you barely 20-somethings brag on how super your Siri’s, Alexa’s, and whomever else’s are, I am here to tell you that I do not care. I believe in automation and technology but I also believe in writing things down. Once things are written down, they also become real. As a result, I am never without my planner that I use specifically for my blog. I jot down goals and ideas, plan Instagram posts, and plan my blog posts as well.

Okay, fine. Use technology.

I know I know you all saw right through my anti-millennial schtick (but I tried it anyway). I am the queen of Amazon Prime (hello automated replenishment of household necessities), Sam’s Club Scan and Go, and finding out exactly which aisle my future purchase is on at Target via their website. I learned in my marketing courses that your time comes at a price; after a certain point, it’s actually cheaper and advantageous to outsource tasks. Please do not wait in line if you do not have to.

Time yourself.

My dear Mom is amazing and I love her, but she also grinds my gears with her lack of time management. (Mother, if you’re reading this, I love you but it’s true. Sad face.) Everything in her world takes “five minutes.” How in the hell can you possibly maximize your time if you have no concept of it????! Time yourself in the shower. Time how long it takes you to do your makeup. Time how long it takes you to grocery shop. This will give you an accurate portrayal of your daily tasks and you can piece together your life better. When I tell someone I’ll be finished in 7.5 minutes, I’m finished in 7.5 minutes. This also prevents a ton of tasks getting pushed to tomorrow.

Just say no to fuckboyz.

Yes, a grown woman just told you to, “Just say no to fuckboyz,” and yes, she spelled it childishly with a z at the end. That was done purposefully to remind you just how ridiculous it is to waste your time with significant others that don’t offer you anything but dick and bubblegum. I am SO focused when I’m single. I don’t have to worry about carving out time (that I barely have anyway) to spend pacifying another person. Perhaps my relationships feel like work because I’m not good at them or perhaps I just haven’t met a man quite as busy as I am. Either way, if my dealings with the opposite sex don’t serve my higher self, I don’t bother with them. Remember, no one can waste your time if you don’t let them. Before you cancel working on your own progression for the sake of some one else, make sure they qualify; make sure they’re worth it.

Let’s make 2018 great. Let us all channel our inner Beyonces and make. shit. happen.


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21 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Own Damn Time in 2018

  1. Troy M. says:

    Write it down! What a revolutionary idea. I’m a high school teacher and I struggle with my students as I try to help them see the connection between the physical act of writing and getting the knowledge into their brains. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BoldBeat&NipLESS says:

    Reblogged this on Dom The Blogger and commented:
    “Just say no to fuckboyz.” -Poetic words from a Diva named Dom!!!!

    I, myself could not think of a way to do this… I couldn’t come up with a way to write something to encourage my followers to tackle 2018’s ass! I am going to start something new… on Thursdays I will taking time and seeking out new blogger friends! What are the odds that on the first Thursday of the year I find ANOTHER GIRL NAMED DOM!!!!

    And she speaks my language!!!!

    PLEASE! Read this friends! And take the time to follow Dom and read her posts!


  3. kedawithani says:

    Damn good post… all of the things I struggle with… I didn’t avow anything did I hmmm *thinking… lol Im just gonna keep doing me with the addition of a few things to increase efficiency and productivity… 🙂 love this post…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Diva Named Dom says:

      Hahaha! When keeping it real goes left… I decided to take the leap and invest the time and money into my blog on November 14, 2o17. Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by! 💕


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