Casual Glam

In 2016, I wore black daily. Literally, every single day. Black is my comfort color. You know what ALWAYS matches regardless of texture? Black. “Omg, Dom! Did you lose weight?” Nope, black. Hmmm, what color shoes should I wear today? Doesn’t matter because, black.

You know what they say; too much of a good thing can turn into a not so good thing. When people began asking me, “Who died?” I knew it was time to throw a few more colors into the rotation.

I have really been trying to do color this year. See my post where I wore Rose Gold. So which color screams HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK? I built an outfit around the color that I wear the least that grabs the most attention–red.

I love this look. Perfect for brunch with the girls, grocery shopping at the same store as your ex, and whatever else calls for a ‘casual-but-I’m-trying’ dress code.

Onward with the outfit deets! I paired a thrifted vintage camo jacket with this crop top from Forever 21. The midi skirt is from Boohoo and the shoes I got while in Dubai. You can find a similar pair here. Both chokers are from Forever 21–here is the leopard print and here is the hoop charm. My metal ankle cuffs are from my former boutique, Starcrush, but you can find similar cuffs here.

I hope you dug it.


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16 thoughts on “Casual Glam

  1. Clothes Knows says:

    Less black gear is good especially in all of Florida haha…don’t trip about weight. You are eye candy!!!! You could’ve rocked the outfit without the camo jacket and I think would’ve been a tad better. If you are ever near Palm Beach County hit up our sister site ELLE iNOD for a collabo. ClothesKnows luvs your glam


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