All Black Everything

All this talk of Beyonce at Coachella made me wanna step my shit on up and step on out on the scene.

Because I don’t have Coachella ticket money but I’m obsessed with Coachella fashion, I decided to mix it up a bit. Check out this gorgeous Black Lace Dress I got from Forever 21. I know I need to stop shopping here, but my wallet is holding on to the relationship for dear life. Besides, they’re adding a contemporary line for women like me that literally wanna stay Forever 21 25.

Thigh high boots are a hot commodity for thick’ems like myself. Imagine how elated I was to find a pair that actually went up my size 12 thighs?! You can grab the same pair here.

I paired it with a bold red lip and a lace choker (also Forever 21). I purchased this one quite a while ago, but you can grab a similar one here. I really wanted to wear this with a bodysuit underneath, but life happened… so I made do with what I already had. I simply cut up a pair of Forever 21 leggings and paired it with a Forever 21 camisole. Before you ask, noooo, these fine folks aren’t sponsoring this post. I just always drift into that damn store and buy SOMETHING even if it’s just a $1.90 camisole.

This is such a bold, dramatic, fun look for me. I will wear this look out for drinks with my girls at somebody’s happy hour sipping somebody’s champagne. One of these days, I’ll make it to somebody’s festival too!

So do tell–am I the only one or do you get the itch to participate in Coachella fashion too?

Photos taken by the lovely, talented Sapiovision.


I’m just a hot mess trying to be a lukewarm mess. Hear the behind the scenes struggles story of what we had to go through to get these shots on my Instastories!


40 thoughts on “All Black Everything

  1. It Girl says:

    You look incredibly sexy! I love this dress. I’ve been very into the see through with floral accents lately. I’m actually going to a festival in August and I’ve already purchased something similar haha

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  2. lefthandglam says:

    This look is 🔥🔥🔥 Don’t give up on Forever21 it’s my favorite store!! I practically live in that store lol !!! I have created so many Coachella looks in my mind it’s ridiculous I have to make there one day!

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