COVID Chronicles: Things To Do During Corona Virus Quarantine

How’s everyone holding up during this Corona-cation?! As for me, I’ve allowed myself to feel all of the feels—frustration, exhaustion, stress, and anxiety. Now that I’ve gone through all of the motions, I just really would like something to do to keep me busy. Here are some ways you can spend your quarantine!

Free Dance Classes

You know what they say, if it’s FREE, then it’s for me! I love a good disguised workout! I signed up Dancers Unlimited’s ‘Wine Down Wednesday’ Class as instructed by Jessie Ohera-Aweau. This intermediate 60 minute class focused on floor work and movement. I was able to catch up with co-founder, Linda Kuo, after class.

1. I see that your company was founded as a direct need for the community. Since inception, how has the company evolved? We started 10 years ago to offer free classes on Furlough Fridays in Hawai’i to keep the kids active. Since then, we’ve gone on tour across the states and China and launched our New York extension of The Company. Community service and engagement has always been a huge part of what we do. In a time like this when we are all isolated, our program offers interaction and allows us to reengage our dance family and welcome newcomers.

2. What are your short term goals for the company/brand? The digital platform right now is to keep people connected and a big focus of what we are doing. We are on the second week of premiering a different performance video every Wednesday. It keeps our partners in Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hawai’i abreast of what we are doing. Our most popular class is Hula (every Wednesday) and we have an international attendance!

3. Would you ever consider hosting classes on IG live? We tried 4 different platforms before going with Zoom. Zoom allowed us to see students and give individual feedback. IG live is best for a dance party vibe (possibly in the works).

4. Are there beginner level courses? All of our classes are open level except Wine Down Wednesday (which is intermediate and choreography driven). We have an Instructor that was on America’s Best Dance Crew Top 10 and we’re super excited about his Flex Class on Friday!

5. What else would you like my readers to know? Now is a great time to start moving especially if you’re in the house. A lot of us in NYC are in small spaces and we don’t have the opportunity to go outside. What I love about dance is that it forces your mind and body to work differently. Our classes allow you to be as interactive as you’d like to be—if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your camera, you don’t have to.

Although the classes are free of charge, the company does appreciate donations in order to keep their program afloat. Donations are tax deductible! Lord knows us Americans are gonna need every single nickel come 2021. Click here to check out upcoming classes!

Learn to Make Your Favorite Snacks from Scratch

Homemade Kale Chips
$1.69 for a bunch of kale and fifteen minutes of my life. BOMB AF.

For just a few minutes of your time, you can make the good shit much healthier. I’ve been on the hunt heavily for alternative food recipes and here are my faves:

Sis, delete your Uber Eats App and get your ass in the kitchen! Thank me later!

Start a Garden

“The best time to have started a garden was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” -Unknown

Bell peppers and marigolds—the marigolds help keep the Aphids away from the bell peppers!

A lot of us are financially compromised during quarantine. With a nominal $20 investment, you can start a small garden and reap your bounty as your crops produce! I, for one, love fresh produce but no longer have accessibility to grocery shop every few days. I love meandering through my backyard to pluck dinner! Not sure how to get started? Check out my last blog post here.

Bike Ride

Take a break from Netflixing and chilling and go on an extended bike ride around your neighborhood! I love hopping on my tricycle and hitting the pavement. I attach my JBL Clip 3 Speaker to my handlebars, put on my favorite Pandora Station, and ride out.

Love my bike? I got it from Wal-Mart and spray painted the spokes so it matches my Mini Countryman. At the time of writing this blog post, my bike is sold out but click here for an alternative option. I purchased a tricycle because I wanted to have an eco-friendly mode of transport to run local errands and I wasn’t sure if I remembered how to ride a bike well enough to balance groceries. One thing to consider before purchasing: an adult tricycle is a huge bike and apparently they’re marketed towards senior citizens. I feel cool on my trike but, stigma.

Please tell me in the comments below how you’re staying sane during quarantine!

Forever Yours,

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5 thoughts on “COVID Chronicles: Things To Do During Corona Virus Quarantine

    • Diva Named Dom says:

      Miiiia! Thank you so much for the warm welcome back! Quarantine has given me much needed time to devote to my blog (and to obviously shake my backside). The class was SO much fun and I’ll be signing up for Ballet and Hula this week! 💕 Thanks for reading!


    • Diva Named Dom says:

      Thanks girl! That is so good to know! I’ve always wanted to take an editing class and Skillshare is definitely the site to learn! Thank you so much for that tidbit! Lemme hurry up and sign up before they revoke access, haha! How’s the bread baking going? I wanted to give it a shot but all of the ingredients were always sold out! Thanks for reading, Logan. 💕

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