The Sweet Pinks by Juvia’s Place Review

When I’m up late at night and can’t sleep, I shop. Juvia’s Place was having a 50% off sale and I figured, “For $7? Don’t mind if I do!”

Black beauty blogger Dom wearing Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks Palette

This palette could either be really, really good or really really not so good. Because it was the price of a sandwich, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I’ve been wanting to inject more color into my eye makeup for those rare (and I mean rare) occasions that I go out. Pink is also my favorite color and I tend to wear it quite well.

Black beauty blogger selfie with Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks Palette

For this look, I used 3 colors in the Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks palette. I used my Mac Art Library: Flame Boyant palette for the transition colors.

Black beauty blogger Dom wears Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks Palette

I was feeling bold and wanted to try the 60s inspired double eyeliner that’s been all over Instagram! This double liner was hard as hell for me; I have hooded eyes and it’s difficult to get a complimentary second line.

Short cut Black woman wearing Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks Palette

The colors in the Sweet Pinks Palette are PIGMENTED. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised as I began building the look. Like all Juvia’s Place eyeshadows, the fallout is a mess. I strongly encourage under eye patches or having micellar water on deck to clean up the loose powder. I did notice a significant formula improvement compared to my Nubian II Palette. I wore this look all day on Sunday and it didn’t crease! I primed my eyes with only concealer because I’m lazy—imagine if I actually used a P. Louise base for this?! Bananas.

Double winged eyeliner on black woman with short cut
Trending 60s inspired double eyeliner  Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks Palette

Overall, I am very satisfied with this palette and happy as hell I scored it at a 50% discount! What do you think? Would you buy this palette?

I bought the Violets too—stay tuned for looks created with that palette too!

Peace and Love,

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