Hmmm… about me… about me?

Well, plainly stated, I’m a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I’m a 30-something self proclaimed diva utterly obsessed with procuring the best version of myself. I’m also a Libra, a size 12, and my butt is real. My full name is Domenique, but everyone misspells it calls me Dom for short.

Friends and family jokingly call me bougie, but I simply tell them I’m just a cosmopolitan in training.

I used to own a women’s boutique called Starcrush. I used to operate both brick and mortar and online. I’ve always had a love for fashion, styling, beautiful places, delicious food and culture.

I have five (yes, five) Dachshunds. They keep me very busy. You may not ever see them on this blog because they’re unruly and don’t photograph well.

As I amass knowledge about life and the wonderful things, places, foods (and apps) it has to offer, I created this space for which to share it all with you.

Thanks for popping in and I do hope you stay a while!

Forever and Always,



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